Become an Authorized CoolVu Auto Spa Partner. Learn More Here

Become an Authorized CoolVu Auto Spa Partner. Learn More Here

We love the fact you baby your ride. Preserve, protect, and enhance your vehicle with the full suite of aftermarket car care products you’ll get exclusively at CoolVu Auto Spa. CoolVu automotive films provide vehicles with beautiful, high-quality tints designed to block harmful UV rays, preserve vehicle interiors, and maintain privacy while keeping you looking and feeling cool. CoolVu custom cut paint protection films and nano-ceramic coatings are world class technologies and installed by industry professionals who love what they do. CoolVu products and professionals have a singular purpose: To extend the life and quality of your vehicle’s appearance and protect from premature degradation while creating a sleek and beautiful look designed to enhance your ride, inside and out.

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Nighttime Viewing

Dark only when needed, CoolVu transitional window films are engineered to provide daytime privacy by reflecting visible light outward when exposed to direct sunlight. Our films are darker on the outside in the daytime and remain clear at night. CoolVu Transitional film is unique in that it provides maximum daytime privacy and heat blocking but appears invisible on the glass at night, ensuring nighttime safety for drivers. 


Fade & Heat Protection

Under intense sunlight, CoolVu automotive film blocks out more visible light, giving unparalleled fade protection compared to untreated glass. CoolVu premium window films selectively filter solar energy, blocking out 99.9% of the sun’s most damaging UV radiation while letting through safe sunlight. CoolVu Transitional window films are infused with nano-ceramics which block heat effectively to keep you cool inside your ride while adding to your car’s overall efficiency.


Health Conscious

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancer and vision problems. CoolVu Auto window films are recommended by both the American Skin Cancer Association & dermatologists as effective UV protection. Customers with sensitivities to solar exposure benefit from the mitigation of premature aging, sun spotting, and excessive eye strain from intense sun glare. Drive safe, look cool and feel great with the application of CoolVu Automotive window film on your ride.

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